Fuel workouts.

Aid fast recovery.

Provide healthy nutrition.

In 2018, my family and I were inspired to create a real food protein snack that would satisfy these three needs for our family. As a former professional athlete with a large family having multiple food allergies and sensitivities, we searched endless bars on the market for sustained energy and recovery.

We were never truly satisfied, so we began to create our own protein bites using only clean, allergen friendly ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives. Our goal was a nutritionally dense product with a bakery taste. Yon Bons was born!

We shared Yon Bons with family, friends, and athletes from various sports. The responses and testimonies were overwhelming, and we set out to share our product on a larger scale.

With the help of a local commercial bakery, we were able to meet the needs of our customers and grow to create new flavors and products. Our customers’ health is our top priority, and our mission is simple: clean energy without the crash.

- Jamey Yon

5 time Dad // 24 time Ironman