Energy without the crash

Let's face it, fueling your body is hard work. Proper nutrition is a must for sustained energy, mental focus, and fast recovery.  Professional Athletes, weekend warriors, and active families, all need on-the-go nutrition they can trust. Yon Bons are macro balanced, protein endurance bites designed to fuel your body without energy spikes and crashes. Give your body the real food energy it needs to perform its best!

Jamey Yon - 22 time Ironman Finisher

Yon Bons

Yon Bons provide athletes
and active families a clean
real food product made
with only Organic and
Non-GMO Ingredients

Yon Bons

Mental Focus

Sustained Energy

Fast Recovery

Yon Bons

Omega 3s



Vitamins & Minerals

Yon Bons

Developed by Jamey Yon,
22 x Ironman Triathlete
AG Triathlon World Champion

Yon Bons

Every Bite is
Macro Balanced
50% Carbohydrate
25% Protein
25% Healthy Fat

Eat every 45 minutes
before, during, and after
training and competition


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